Description of the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine, functions, explanation of icons

Thanks to the useful instructions for the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine, you can solve all technical issues. Quantity and type of laundry, where to add detergent, installation and connection. The key to a good wash is proper care of the washing machine, so we provide you with useful tips for the safe operation of the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine.

Safety precautions

To ensure safe operation of washing equipment, you must carefully read the instructions.

When operating the machine, the following safety rules must be observed:

  1. The SM can only be used at home for washing textiles. The machine must be connected to cold water;
  2. Keep pets and small children away from the equipment;
  3. Do not touch the glass of the machine door while it is in operation. The glass can be very hot.
  4. Turn the machine on and off only with dry hands;
  5. Cut off the power cord and break the hatch door lock when disposing of the unit. This is necessary so that small children do not lock themselves in the car if they play with it.
  6. When connecting and installing the device, follow all rules. This will avoid electric shock, water leakage, fire and other accidents.

Important! The equipment manufacturer is not responsible for the safety of your health and property if the above safety requirements are violated.

Installation of the device

Before operating the washing equipment, it is necessary to remove the transport fasteners. They may be needed in the future when transporting the device, so they should be saved.

Four bolts are located at the rear of the machine. Unscrew them using the SW 13 key. You need to insert plugs into the bolt holes.

The installation location of the device plays a very important role. The stability of the machine will depend on it. Washing equipment should be placed on a smooth and hard surface. There should be no carpet or other soft coverings on it. It is advisable to install the device on a tiled or concrete floor.

If installation will be carried out on a plank floor or plinth, then the surface must be prepared in advance. In this case, a water-repellent wooden board with a thickness of 30 millimeters is screwed to the floor. And the legs of the washing machine need to be secured with special retaining tongues WMZ 2200.

Bosch Maxx 4 can be placed under a solid countertop. In this case, instead of a plastic top cover, a cover made of sheet metal is installed.

The inlet hose is connected only to a cold water supply.

There are several connection methods:

  • To a separate pipe,
  • To the kitchen sink faucet,
  • To the bath faucet.

Regardless of the connection method, the end of the inlet hose should be screwed to the 3/4 thread of the tee tap. And the other end should be connected to the washing machine. To ensure a tight connection, rubber gaskets must be used.

The hose has plastic nuts. Therefore, you need to screw them on by hand, without over-tightening. The inlet hose must be taut. Make sure it doesn't bend.

You can drain the water into a siphon, bathtub or sink. The first option is the safest and most aesthetically pleasing. The drain point should be located above the floor at a height of 60 centimeters. The hose must be secured with a clamp to the siphon outlet. This will prevent leaks and unpleasant odors.

After connecting the hoses and installing the device in place, you can begin to level it. This is done using locknuts located on the front legs of the machine. For leveling you will need a building level. The unit must be installed so that the angle of inclination is less than two degrees.

Washing equipment must be connected to a moisture-resistant socket with grounding, located no more than 100 cm to the left of the machine and 150 cm to the right. If there is no such outlet, you should call an electrician.

Safe Operation

According to the instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4 washing machine:

  1. The device must be connected exclusively to cold water supply. The range is intended for use at home only.
  2. It is not recommended to allow small children and pets near the device.
  3. The glass of the protective cover can reach high temperatures during washing, so it is not recommended to touch it during the process.
  4. The control system and electrical cord of the washing machine should only be touched with dry hands.

To reduce the likelihood of premature failure of the device and harm to the health of consumers, it is necessary to follow all the rules for operating the device specified in the instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4.

Where and approximately at what cost is the float for the product sold?

A branded float dispenser for 200 g tablets or a floating diffuser for MAC 4 mini are sold complete with the drug itself.

Plastic floats for solid chemicals from other companies are also freely available online and offline and are sold at prices starting from 350 rubles. More complex electronic chemical dosing systems that monitor chlorine and pH levels will cost pool owners at least 3,500 rubles.

First launch of Bosch Maxx

The manufacturer, in the operating instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4, recommends starting the washing machine for the first time without laundry. This can be done with a special starter or regular washing powder.

The composition is poured into the main wash compartment and the standard cycle is started on the “Cotton 60” program. Such measures will allow you to clean the washing machine from industrial dirt and prepare it for loading laundry.

The selection of the required program is provided here using a universal knob that rotates in both directions. Speaking about the functionality of MAXX 4, using a variety of modes you can deal with serious and old stains, wash delicate items and children's clothing, sports equipment and even shoes without any harm. And although each mode has its own temperature, if necessary, all the specified parameters can be changed independently.

You can also initiate the rinse and spin procedure separately. It all depends on the tasks set by the user. In addition, so that the machine does not vibrate too much, the number of revolutions can be reduced to 600. But in this case, the laundry will be more saturated with moisture.

If the item is delicate, then the additional rinse function will also always come in handy. The quick wash mode is usually used when clothes or linen simply need to be refreshed. In the instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4 WFC 2063 OE, you can read in more detail the table where the time is indicated for each mode. The maximum washing time is 135 minutes.

Before you start using the Bosch Maxx 4 washing machine, you must perform a test run of the equipment in accordance with the instructions:

  • Check the connection of the washing machine to the power supply, water supply and sewage system;
  • After inspection, the washing machine is usually turned on to the cotton washing mode at 60 degrees, but without loading laundry into it;
  • During a test run, washing powder is poured into the powder receptacle, and fabric softener is poured into the second compartment, which helps clean the machine from factory dirt and dust.
  • Manufacturers of Bosch Max 4 advise not to leave the household device unattended during the first start-up, especially the spin cycle.

Then, if the machine is installed incorrectly and a malfunction occurs, you will be able to immediately notice it and prevent unpleasant consequences or even repairs.

The subsequent process of using the equipment, in accordance with the operating instructions, is as follows:

  • After loading the laundry into the drum, you should carefully close its door and turn on the desired washing program; usually, on the control panel, manufacturers indicate the most popular icons that indicate certain modes and help you choose the most suitable one for you;
  • Even if you chose the wrong program, and the Bosch Max 4 washing machine has already started the rinsing process, you can cancel it by setting the selector to the off icon and waiting a few minutes, after which the mode you need is turned on and the device starts working again.

In addition, you should use each compartment for detergents strictly for its intended purpose; there are only 3 of them in the powder receptacle and they are all of different sizes. The first (left) is for powder and bleach, the second (middle) is for conditioner, and the third compartment (right) is used for soaking.

Selecting programs and functions

In order to select the desired program, there is a knob on the control panel that rotates in both directions. This Bosch Max 4 model provides the following programs:

  1. White linen 900—washing heavily soiled cotton items.
  2. Intensive wash 600 – designed for washing very dirty items.
  3. Colored laundry with pre-wash - wash dirty items with a 600 soak cycle.
  4. Colored laundry 30, 40 and 600 – this program is suitable for durable cotton and linen fabrics; it differs from the previous one in the absence of soaking.
  5. Synthetics 30, 40 and 600 – a program suitable for mixed fabrics.
  6. Delicates 300 – delicate wash cycle, for example suitable for tulle, silk and other delicate items.
  7. Wool 15 and 300 – suitable for machine washable wool items.

By turning the program selector you can also select functions such as rinse, spin and drain. Among the additional functions that are displayed on the control panel by buttons, the model has:

  • reducing the spin speed from 800 to 600 rpm;
  • additional rinse;
  • quick wash;
  • stopping the program with water in the drum, in other words, this button turns off the spin cycle, but the water does not drain.

In addition, the instructions for using the equipment contain a table of laundry loading and washing duration for each mode. According to this table, washing times vary from 45 to 135 minutes.

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Precautions during operation

General safety rules when working with MAC 4 include:

  • use of protective gloves;
  • avoiding direct contact with mucous membranes and skin;
  • washing the eyes in case of accidental contact with the drug with plenty of clean water;
  • control over the dosage of the product (when updating the tablet) and the level of active chlorine in the water (weekly, with adjustments if there is a deviation from the norm of 0.3-0.6 mg/l);
  • removing the pill dispenser before bathing people;
  • placing unused tablets in a tightly closed container and observing other storage rules;
  • avoiding release of product into the environment.

Control panel icons

To make operating the washing machine convenient and efficient, the manufacturer places special icons on the panel. Each of them denotes some important function. Designers try to convey the meaning of options as clearly as possible with drawings.

For example, a butterfly is associated with lightness and tenderness. Therefore, it is easy to guess that this icon was chosen to indicate the delicate washing mode. It is usually not possible to place a full verbal description next to each button - the dashboard is too small for this. The icons are more compact.

At the same time, they carry a certain meaning without overloading the design and allowing the equipment to look attractive. Of course, it is not always possible to understand what is meant the first time. Therefore, each unit comes with detailed instructions explaining the rules for using the equipment and revealing the meaning of the symbols on the model body.

Many Bosch washing machines have a number of identical buttons and indicators. Among them:

  1. Power button. Indicated by an icon in the shape of a circle containing a vertical line. Designed to turn the device on or off.
  2. T-shirt design icon with stain. Intensive wash for heavily soiled laundry.
  3. Key with the image of a pelvis with a vertical stripe. Prewash. Used to care for heavily soiled items; when activating the function, you need to add detergent not only to the main compartment of the cuvette, but also to the pre-wash compartment.
  4. Iron icon – easy ironing function. When activated, the laundry crumples significantly less and is smoothed out much better.
  5. A button with a symbol in the form of a basin of water with an up arrow. Water is a plus. Washing occurs with an increased amount of water, the duration of work increases, and several rinses are added. It is used when a large amount of powder is poured in, as well as when washing children's clothes or clothes of people suffering from allergic diseases. Helps completely remove detergent residue from laundry. The function is also relevant for regions with soft water.
  6. Spiral icon. Spin adjustment button. Allows you to reduce or increase the spin depending on the type of fabric, or turn it off completely.
  7. Key to start washing and set pause (an icon in the form of a diamond with a vertical stripe or, on other models, in the shape of a triangle and two stripes on the right).

Expensive Bosch max 4 washing machines are equipped with an electronic display. They are more informative: on the screen, in addition to temperature and spin, the maximum load of the selected mode is indicated, the time until its end is displayed, and error codes appear if the device malfunctions.

At the same time, they, like equipment without a screen, have special indicators that tell you at what stage of washing the equipment is. These include:

  • A basin with a cloud of steam on top. The main stage is washing.
  • A container filled with water. The machine is in the rinsing stage.
  • Spiral icon. The laundry is being spun.
  • A vertical stripe with an arrow pointing to it. The work is completed.

Washing machines with a display are more technologically advanced and have a number of additional functions. Among them:

  1. A button with a picture of a clock and the inscription “Speed”. Speed ​​Perfect function. Designed to reduce the cycle time when washing lightly soiled laundry.
  2. A piece of paper with the letter E and the inscription “Eco”. Eco Perfect function. When choosing it, energy consumption is reduced, the water temperature is lowered, but due to the longer run time of the mode, the quality of washing remains high.
  3. Dial with arrows. “End in” function or, in other words, delayed start. Allows you to delay the start of the program for up to 24 hours.

In addition to various buttons, each Bosch max 4 washing machine is equipped with a mode selector. These are washing programs for different types of laundry.

Bosch max 4 washing machines are equipped with the following washing programs:

An icon depicting a shirt hanging on a hanger. Synthetic fabrics. The duration of the mode is from 55 to 91 minutes at a temperature of 40°C.

Dress with flower and bodysuit . Mode for cotton and linen fabrics. Water temperature – from 40 to 90° at the user’s choice. The cycle time is from 80 to 135 minutes.

Dress with a flower and trousers (on some models – dress, shirt, bodysuit). Used for washing mixed fabrics at 40° – 60°C. Completion time – from 50 minutes.

Shirt with butterfly . Delicate linen made of silk or satin can be washed carefully at 30°C. The spin is performed at minimum speed. Duration – half an hour.

A skein of thread and a basin with a lowered hand . Hand wash wool. The regime is performed for 40 minutes at 30°C. The drum rotates very slowly, the amount of water is increased, and the spin speed is low.

Sliders . Program for children's things. To remove all bacteria and germs from them, the regime is performed for a long time and at high temperatures.

Jeans icon . Intended for washing denim fabrics for 40-80 minutes. Water temperature – 40° – 60°С.

Drawing of a shirt or blouse . Mode for washing appropriate items. Duration – from 40 to 80 minutes at a temperature of 40° to 60°C.

T-shirt icon with number . Wash sports items at 60°C for 80 minutes.

Winter jacket image . Program "Down Jackets". Designed for washing items with filling at 40°C and maximum spin. The program does not allow fluff or other contents of the jacket to form a solid lump.

Drawing of the month with stars . Night cycle. Designed for regions where the cost of water and electricity is lower at night than during the day. For this program, spinning and notification of the end of the mode are disabled. The user can enable these functions when he wakes up in the morning.

Pelvis with an arrow pointing down. Draining. The function is launched if things do not need to be wrung out or if the program needs to be stopped.

Mode with a dial image . Fast and energetic work within 60 minutes.

A dial half or a quarter full means a quick 30 or 15 minute wash. Modes are used to refresh laundry. A full wash is not possible with these programs.

Before you start using your Bosch washing machine, you need to study the special icons for all programs located on the control panel. Each model has basic buttons: on/off, wash, rinse, spin.

The Bosch MAX 4 model does not have a power button; instead, machine owners use a lever to switch programs. And the “start” button allows you to set the child lock - to do this you need to press it for 4 seconds.

  • Shirt on a hook - washing synthetics, lasts from 0.5 to 1.5 hours, water temperature - 40°C.
  • Flower dress and bodysuit – mode for cotton, with a duration of 2 hours and a maximum temperature of 95°C.
  • Dress with flower and trousers - quick wash.
  • Shirt with bow tie – for washing delicate fabrics: silk, satin. It is carried out at low temperature, with a light spin.
  • Pants – mode for washing denim fabrics.
  • A palm in a bowl of water and a skein of yarn is a mode for washing delicate items, including wool.
  • Romper - wash baby clothes at high temperature.
  • T-shirt – washing sportswear.

Caring for your Bosch MAXX 4 washing machine

In the instructions for the Bosch MAXX 4, the manufacturer notes that the device will last longer if it is properly cared for. It is also important to use it exclusively for its intended purpose.

The dispensers where washing powder and fabric softener are placed also need to be washed periodically, since plaque forms over time and the powder will not be completely washed out of the compartment. As a rule, the procedure must be repeated every four washes.

According to the instructions, Bosch MAXX 4 is not recommended for washing with detergents not intended for washing machines. For example, hand washing powders create a lot of foam.

Also, do not use finely grated laundry soap - it can clog the powder receptacle. Only strict compliance with the Bosch MAXX 4 instructions will allow you to appreciate all the advantages and high-quality assembly of equipment from the leading manufacturer of household appliances.

Features of the Bosch SMA

There are brand names that do not need advertising. Among them is the oldest German company Bosch, which has been producing household appliances for the last hundred years. In order for washing machines to safely exhaust their service life, you need to use them correctly.

  • Long service life. The quality of the assembly practically does not depend on the country of origin - the company, valuing its reputation, vigilantly monitors production facilities organized in other countries.
  • Economical use of resources. Bosch models have an energy efficiency class of at least A+ and A++.
  • Automatic weighing. The device itself calculates the optimal consumption of water and powder.
  • The VarioSoft drum ensures gentle washing of delicate fabrics.

Among the disadvantages of Bosch, experts and users note:

  • noisy spin operation;
  • higher cost compared to analogues.

How to wash properly in Bosch MAXX 4

Operating a Bosch washing machine is a simple task that any housewife can handle. You just need to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Place clothes in the drum, selected according to the main characteristics (material, color, type).
  2. Pour the required amount of powder into the detergent reservoir. If you use the pre-wash mode, do not forget to add powder to the additional compartment.
  3. Select a program suitable for washable items (cotton, wool, baby clothes, etc.).
  4. If necessary, adjust the temperature setting . If necessary, turn off the spin cycle. Select additional functions (eg ironing).
  5. Click the "start" button. More often, the icon located next to it looks like a triangle turned on its side and two vertical stripes.

To avoid accidentally damaging your laundry while washing, it is important to follow some rules.

Before washing, be sure to check the labels sewn into the inside seams of your clothing. They indicate recommendations for caring for the item, in particular washing conditions (hand or machine, temperature, possibility of automatic spinning and drying).

Never wash white and colored laundry together. Otherwise, bright fabrics may fade and leave stains on snow-white items.

If you are in doubt about choosing a cycle for an expensive item of clothing, but there is no label, choose the delicate wash program.

Don't experiment. Each program is designed taking into account the characteristics of different types of fabrics. Choosing the wrong mode can, at best, lead to a decrease in the quality of laundry cleaning, and at worst, to damage to the fabric.

If the clothes have accessories, it is better to put them in a special bag before placing them in the drum of the washing machine.

Useful tips

The conventional images used in Bosch devices are in many ways similar to the images printed on clothing labels. This makes choosing the appropriate mode easier. Selection tips:

  • Be sure to study the label attached to the clothing - decipher the icons depicted on it.
  • Find out exactly what effect a particular option will have on a particular item before you install it.
  • Do not load white and colored items into the drum at the same time.
  • For expensive delicate items, it is better to choose hand washing.
  • Try to wash things in special bags. This applies, first of all, to shoes, linen and products with accessories.

Knowing what the pictures on the control panel mean, you can quickly and accurately select the optimal washing programs. Knowledge of modes and programs will help you simultaneously save resources and wash things efficiently, preserving their integrity and attractiveness.

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