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What to do if rust appears on your washing machine
Cleaning the filter The drain pump filter is an important part of the machine if you don't pay attention to it.
Seagull sewing machine repair
Why Soviet cars Chaika are still popular
The Chaika sewing machine is perhaps the most popular model of home sewing machine, despite the abundance of imported ones.
The washing machine only rotates the drum in one direction
Why does the washing machine spin the drum only in one direction?
You loaded the laundry, started the wash, and almost immediately discovered that the washing machine was spinning the drum
Modern technologies in washing machines: useful modes and functions
Technological progress does not stand still: modern washing machines provide a lot of possibilities to their users.
The padding polyester of the jacket crumpled after washing, what should I do?
After winter ends, all warm clothes are usually put away in the closet, waiting in the wings.
How to choose a clothes dryer: we help you decide on the criteria
15 Jul 2021 11183 What types of dryers are there? What is the difference between separate and combined washer-dryers?
Siemens Siwamat washing machines: savings and productivity
At one time, Siemens also managed to distinguish itself by producing products in the home washing machine market.
Dishwasher - how to integrate it into a finished kitchen yourself?
Complex installation of a new kitchen set with a set of equipment is ideal, but not always possible
Instructions: Washing machine Candy Aqua 1D835-07
Languages: Russian Type: PDF Size: 359.48 KB Description: Washing machine You can download it on NoDevice
How to determine the weight of a washing machine: why know it, and what is optimal
After purchasing a new washing machine, users are faced with the question of what to do with the old machine.
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