Bosch washing machines: where they are made, features, review of the best models

When faced with the problem of lack of free space in the house, you involuntarily think about buying compact household appliances.
Bosch narrow washing machines are high-quality equipment that successfully combines compact size, reliability and wide functionality.

It is precisely this technique that will be the best solution to the problem of the lack of free square meters for owners of small-sized housing.

Where are Bosch washing machines made?

The Bosch brand originated in 1886 with the opening of a workshop for the production of electrical goods. The founder of the company, Robert Bosch, constantly worked to improve and expand production. As a result, in 1914, the brand’s first washing machine entered the production line. However, due to the high cost, the device was inaccessible to most; they were used only in production.

In 1967, two companies merged - Bosch and Siemens, which gave impetus to the development of the brand. The merger benefited the company; 5 years later a washing machine designed for the masses was introduced. Although the first device was produced in Germany, the assembly process is now established throughout the world. Factories are located in Poland, Turkey, China, France, Spain, Russia. In total, the brand owns 45 enterprises, of which only 4 are located in Germany. In the Russian Federation, assembly has been established in two cities - Samara and Engels.

Most buyers prefer models made exclusively in Germany. German production is indicated by the marking of the device:

  • front models will be designated WAS or WLX;
  • built-in devices – WKD or WIS.

The number assigned to the model may also indicate the country for which it was produced.

If the marking ends with:

  • EU – the device is manufactured for Europe;
  • BY – the product is intended for the domestic market of Eastern Europe;
  • OE – the washing machine was manufactured for sale in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine;
  • PL – model made for Poland.


As a result of our review, it is quite difficult to say that an LG or Bosch washing machine is better. Despite the democratic pricing policy of the South Korean brand, Bosch is still better in terms of its characteristics. If we talk about the quality of washing, the leader is LG.

Therefore, if your budget is limited, then you need to choose a manufacturer from South Korea, and if you are not constrained by finances, then it is better to give preference to Bosch products

Experts point out that you should not completely rely on the experiment, because German-assembled Bosch units can demonstrate completely different results than Russian-assembled ones.

Features of Bosch washing machines

Bosch brand washing machines have a number of features:

  1. The manufacturer provides a product warranty for up to 15 years. The service life is not affected by the country of assembly.
  2. The company offers users products that have a stain removal class of at least A.
  3. All equipment has a reduced level of energy consumption. Typically, washing machines have a class of at least A+, with the exception of devices with a built-in dryer.
  4. The brand has equipped most models with auto-weighing technology.
  5. The equipment is equipped with control over foam formation and protection against leaks.
  6. All drums have an improved internal surface, ensuring gentle and high-quality washing.
  7. The brand’s devices automatically determine washing parameters: volume of water and detergent, tank rotation speed.
  8. Innovative water distribution - 3D-Aquaspar, allows you to precisely wet the fabric, significantly reducing the cycle.
  9. Each model has a basic set of functions that allows you to eliminate up to 14 types of contaminants. The number of programs and modes increases in proportion to the cost of the device.
  10. Many models are equipped with automatic balance control, which improves washing quality and eliminates shaking.

However, even high-quality equipment from a German concern has a number of nuances that must be taken into account before purchasing:

  1. In devices with vertical loading, auto parking does not work correctly. After the cycle, the tank has to be rotated so that its flaps are above the hatch.
  2. Some models have a bad door latch. The lock breaks too quickly.
  3. Despite the new generation motor, some appliances may make too much noise at high spin speeds. This problem is typical for both vertical and frontal models.

Why direct drive?

Bosch direct drive washing machines look very similar to belt driven machines, but what does “direct drive” mean? The difference can only be seen by disassembling the washing machine. In direct drive technology, the motor is mounted directly on the drum, bypassing intermediate parts. In machines of a classical design, the electric motor is fixed separately, and the transmission of revolutions to the drum is carried out using a belt.

Why did users begin to prefer the new Bosch “home assistants” with direct drive? To understand this, you need to list the pros and cons of the new design of machines. Let's start with the advantages.

  1. Bosch direct drive washing machines do not have a belt that stretches or breaks; it simply isn’t there.
  2. Inverter motors installed on such machines last much longer. The manufacturer often gives them an additional 10-year warranty.
  3. Direct drive cars are more powerful than their classic counterparts.
  4. This technique is quieter, and the body of direct drive machines has better balance. It resists much better the centrifugal force that acts on the side walls of the body during spinning.
  5. Washing machines with direct drive and an inverter motor execute the program more accurately, providing higher quality washing.

Speaking about the advantages of such technology, one cannot remain silent about its disadvantages. By the way, these shortcomings are well known to users, and they do not frighten them at all.

  1. Direct drive heads are slightly less resistant to power surges than their classic counterparts.
  2. Such machines have a greater body depth compared to classic models.
  3. The inverter motor of a Bosch machine does not tolerate contact with moisture well.

Despite a considerable number of shortcomings, users leave excellent reviews about direct drive washing machines. This applies not only to models released under the Bosch brand, but also to other washing equipment. Having studied the relevant Internet resources, you can easily verify this, and without delay, we move on to our review.

Features of Bosch washing machine series

The German company produces 5 series, varying in functionality, cost and appearance. The features of each line affect the quality of washing, safety and ease of use.

Serie 2

Devices in this line combine high quality and affordable prices. All models have a high level of energy efficiency, as they belong to class A+++. Along with a favorable price, the manufacturer also offers a high degree of purification from contaminants; the devices are marked with the A sign. Capacity ranges from 2 to 6 kg, depending on the chosen model.

The following innovations were used in the development of Serie 2:

  1. The technology ensures the flow of water from 3 sides at once, which allows you to wet the laundry evenly.
  2. Imbalance control. A sharp increase in the rotation speed of the tank can lead to the laundry bunching up, which will negatively affect the quality of the wash. The technology allows you to increase the speed gradually so that things are evenly distributed inside the drum.
  3. VarioPerfect. Allows you to carry out a quick or economical cycle, and the quality of stain removal remains at the same level.
  4. Control of foam formation. When excess foam appears, the system starts the water supply, and the excess foam is drained into the sewer.
  5. ActiveWater. The cycle parameters are determined automatically depending on the weight of the loaded items.

Serie 4

The model range provides an affordable price, convenience and safety of use. Among the features of the series:

  • anti-vibration strips on the body;
  • the ability to block buttons from accidental pressing during washing;
  • EcoSilence Drive. The new generation motor provides a smooth acceleration. This allows you to preserve the quality and texture of things without damaging even delicate fabrics. The absence of brushes allows you to reduce electricity consumption and noise levels, while simultaneously increasing the maximum number of revolutions. The noise level at maximum speed is only 77 dB.

In addition, the line is equipped with all the technologies found in the Serie 2.

Serie 6

The Avantixx line includes up to 20 different modifications with different types of loading and installation: full-size, narrow, built-in, frontal, vertical. All models are equipped with an inverter motor – EcoSilence Drive. The tank capacity is at an average level and ranges from 6-9 kg.

The line is equipped with the following technologies:

  1. Direct Select. Functions are selected with one click on the touch panel.
  2. I-Dos. The device automatically calculates the required volume of detergent based on water hardness, type and weight of items, and soiling. This allows you to use resources efficiently and economically.
  3. Active Oxygen. Using technology, bacteria can be completely destroyed, and laundry will be 100% free of germs.
  4. Allergy Plus. The system starts a cycle that eliminates allergy triggers.
  5. 3D-AquaSpar. With this system, water is supplied from 3 sides at once.
  6. Home Connect. Provides synchronization with mobile devices.
  7. Delayed start option. Allows you to carry out a cycle at a convenient time by loading the tank with things in advance. The wash will start at the specified interval.

To create the Serie 6, two types of tanks were used: VarioSoft or Wave Drum. The first option has drop-shaped protrusions that provide effective cleaning in different modes. Each drop has a smooth side and a steeper side. To wash delicate fabrics, the system rotates the tank with emphasis on the shallow side.

For other fabrics, a steep drop surface is used; it gives more intense cleaning. The second version of the tank has a surface made of “bubbles”. They provide gentle washing, protecting the fabric from unnecessary mechanical stress. In addition, the manufacturer equipped the models with a multi-level protection system, including:

  • blocking the panel from pressing;
  • foam level regulation;
  • AquaStop;
  • elimination of imbalance.

Series 8

The Logixx 8 line belongs to the premium segment and includes up to 10 front-loading models. All devices are full-sized and classified as free-standing. They are equipped with an inverter motor – EcoSilence Drive, the tank is of the VarioSoft type. In addition to the technologies embodied in previous series, the model is equipped with:

  • large door, its diameter is 32 cm;
  • tank filling indication;
  • vibration absorption system.

The model range has increased colors and is available not only in white, but also in black. Built-in modes allow you to remove up to 16 types of contaminants. In addition, the manufacturer has provided the ability to create your own program; it can be saved in memory. The brand is so confident in the quality of its AquaStop leak protection technology that it offers a lifetime warranty.

Comparison with other brands

Comparative characteristics of Bosch washing machines with other brands are presented in the table:

Brand countryGermanySouth KoreaSouth KoreaItalyTürkiyeItaly
Drum loading max.10 kg12 kg10.7 kg10 kg10 kg10 kg
Drum loading min.5 kg6 kg4 kg4 kg4 kg3.5 kg
Spin speed max.1600 rpm1600 rpm1600 rpm1400 rpm1600 rpm1400 rpm
Steam treatmentEatEatEatEatEatEat
Price max.125,000 rubles100,000 rubles119,500 rubles50,000 rubles40,000 rubles42,000 rubles
Price min.24,000 rubles19,500 rubles19,000 rubles13,000 rubles14,000 rubles14,000 rubles

You can find out which washing machine to choose - Bosch or Siemens here, Bosch or Samsung - here, Bosch or LG - here.

Top 10 best models of Bosch washing equipment

When compiling the rating, we took into account different price ranges, dimensions, type of installation and method of loading the tank. The presented models have wide functionality, low resource consumption and many additional options.

WLG 20162

Budget washing machine with a door on the front panel. It is one of the narrow models due to its depth of 40 cm. Compact dimensions allow it to be placed in a small area. Due to the reduced depth, the tank volume can only hold 5 kg of laundry. However, the functionality - 14 programs - is enough to clean stains from any type of fabric. Average price – 21,606 rubles

The advantages can be added:

  • the ability to throw laundry into the tank after the wash starts;
  • 3D Aquaspar, which allows you to effectively remove dirt due to uniform wetting of the fabric;
  • built-in indication that allows you to control the washing process;
  • the ability to delay the cycle for 24 hours;
  • the presence of a sound signal indicating the end of the cycle;
  • quality of washing and energy consumption corresponding to class A;
  • the presence of multi-stage protection against leaks, power surges, and a child lock.

Disadvantages of the model:

  • bad spin – 1000 rpm, things will still be wet at the exit;
  • protection against leaks is only partial;
  • There is no steam treatment, so the model is not suitable for allergy sufferers.

WOR 16155

Device with vertical drum loading. The small width - 40 cm - allows you to place it in a cramped corridor or bathroom. The tank volume can hold up to 6 kg of laundry, and 11 programs provide high-quality level A cleaning. On the market, the cost can reach 35,000 rubles.

The advantages of the model include:

  • low electricity consumption, the model belongs to class A++;
  • VarioPerfect option, which provides an accelerated cycle;
  • built-in leakage protection;
  • self-diagnosis function that allows you to track breakdowns;
  • built-in color and sound indication, making it easier to control the washing process;
  • the ability to schedule the start of a cycle via a timer;
  • pre-wash mode, which will remove even stubborn stains;
  • option for reloading laundry, allowing you to add forgotten items during the washing process.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • low spin quality - 800 rpm, after the cycle the laundry will be very wet;
  • it is impossible to block the buttons from pressing during washing;
  • There is no voltage protection, so power surges may cause breakdowns.

WIS 28440

A model from the middle price segment, it allows you to wash up to 7 kg per cycle. The door is located on the front panel; the device can be completely integrated into a furniture set. 15 programs allow you to remove stains of any complexity. Ironing can be simplified by choosing a spin at a lower speed or a special option that prevents the formation of wrinkles. The cost starts from 40,000 rubles.

Advantages of the model:

  • VarioSoft coating ensures gentle, high-quality washing;
  • low water consumption, the model consumes only 49 liters per cycle;
  • high level of energy efficiency – A+, the device consumes only 1.19 kW/hour;
  • complete protection against leaks;
  • spinning takes place at high speeds - up to 1400 rpm;
  • presence of a sound notification about the end of the cycle;
  • delayed start for a day;
  • low noise level, during the cycle - 47 dB, and during the spin period - 64 dB.

The disadvantages include:

  • lack of protection against network surges;
  • there is no child lock, the panel cannot be locked;
  • lack of a self-diagnosis system for faults;
  • no light for tank.

WAN 24260

Front model from the middle price range. It has a spacious drum that allows you to wash up to 8 kg of laundry at a time. The inverter motor allows you to maintain silence, even when the tank rotates at high speed. Spinning can be carried out at a speed of 1200 rpm. Therefore, the laundry will be slightly damp after washing. The cost ranges from 42,560 rubles.

The advantages include:

  • high degree of energy efficiency, the device is designated class A+++;
  • low water consumption, washing 8 kg of laundry takes only 45 liters;
  • built-in cycle end timer;
  • AquaStop option, which protects against flooding;
  • possibility of locking buttons during washing;
  • a large number of modes and programs - 15, which allow you to clean any type of clothing;
  • It is possible to run a quick cycle.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • lack of a built-in steam generator, so things cannot be disinfected;
  • there is no protection against power surges.

WOT 20255

A device with an average capacity of 6.5 kg. Vertical loading will be convenient for older people, as they will not have to bend over to unload the tank. And the auto-parking function will make opening even easier, because the drum flaps will stop above the hatch. The cost fluctuates around 46,700 rubles.

Advantages of the model:

  • the ability to delay the start of washing by 24 hours;
  • low water consumption per cycle – 42 l;
  • energy consumption class – A+++, which indicates low energy consumption per cycle;
  • washing quality corresponds to class A, which indicates a high degree of stain removal;
  • the possibility of flooding due to internal breakdowns is eliminated thanks to the Aquastop option;
  • the ability to report things after the cycle has started;
  • presence of color and sound indication;
  • Many programs allow you to wash from mixed laundry to woolen items.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • low spin quality - 1000 rpm, after the cycle things remain very wet;
  • lack of protection against power surges;
  • The manufacturer did not provide a lock against accidental clicks.

WOT 24455

Vertical model equipped with intelligent control. The unit contains 14 programs. Wide functionality guarantees level A cleaning quality. You can wash up to 6.5 kg at a time. The spin can be carried out at maximum speed - 1200 rpm; if necessary, the number of revolutions can be changed. The cost on the market can reach 55,000 rubles.

The advantages are as follows:

  • you can put things in the tank after the cycle has started;
  • there is an indication of temperature and additional options;
  • built-in regulation of foam formation and imbalance;
  • low water consumption – 41.8 liters per cycle;
  • car parking places the tank flaps above the door;
  • You can use the timer to delay the start time of the cycle by 24 hours;
  • it is possible to carry out a quick cycle;
  • ActiveWater technology automatically selects washing parameters;
  • The manufacturer has equipped the model with multi-level protection: protection against leakage, locking against pressing during the washing period.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • there is no steam generator, which makes additional disinfection of the fabric impossible;
  • no protection against power surges;
  • There is no sound indication of the end of the cycle.

WVG 30463

Washing machine with a door located at the front. The tank is designed for a laundry volume of up to 8 kg, and after a cycle you can dry up to 5 kg of laundry. The loading hatch is convenient for loading large items, since the diameter is approximately 32 cm. The high spin speed - 1500 rpm - allows you to get almost dry laundry. The price on the market starts from 74,990 rubles.

Advantages of the model:

  • built-in drying, 4 programs available to the user;
  • forgotten laundry can be loaded during the cycle;
  • the inverter motor ensures silence even during the spin period;
  • built-in child lock feature;
  • protection against leaks will reduce the possibility of flooding to zero;
  • VarioPerfect allows you to speed up washing without losing cleaning quality.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • the device spends a large amount of water per cycle - 118 liters, the increased consumption is explained by the built-in drying;
  • The degree of electricity consumption is quite high, the product is assigned class B.

WIW 28540

The model, equipped with an inverter motor, is intended for installation in a headset. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a touch display through which control is carried out. The built-in dryer allows you to dry up to 3 kg of laundry. The tank allows you to load up to 6 kg of laundry, spinning occurs at high speed - 1400 rpm. The average price for a device is 77,850 rubles.

Among the advantages are:

  • indication of the end of the cycle – TimeLight;
  • the ability to postpone the cycle for a day;
  • The innovative surface of the tank ensures high level A cleaning quality and preserves the fabric texture;
  • low water consumption – 52 l;
  • availability of super-fast wash in 15 minutes;
  • protection against leaks;
  • 15 programs to cope with any type of pollution.

The disadvantages can be added:

  • after each drying, you must enable the “Cleaning” option;
  • high energy consumption, model marked with B.

WDU 28590

Front model with high spin speed - 1400 rpm. 14 programs allow you to remove stains from various types of fabrics. For example, there are modes for washing children's clothes or outerwear. And VarioPerfect optimizes cycle parameters, allowing you to reduce cycle time. The cost ranges from 98,990 rubles.

Among the advantages are:

  • large drum capacity – 10 kg, suitable for the needs of a large family;
  • built-in drying – 6 kg;
  • the presence of lighting, which simplifies the loading and unloading of laundry in the dark;
  • Electricity consumption per cycle and wash quality meet class A;
  • the ability to set your own cycle settings and save them;
  • the inverter motor guarantees quiet operation, even at high spin speeds;
  • side wall design – AntiVibration, reducing vibrations;
  • locking buttons from accidental pressing;
  • The AquaStop function eliminates the possibility of flooding due to breakdowns.

Disadvantages of products:

  • high price;
  • high water consumption – 125 l;
  • You cannot load laundry during a cycle.

WKD 28541

The fully built-in type device allows you to load up to 7 kg of laundry. Laundry is stored through the hatch located on the front panel. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a number of intelligent systems that simplify the washing process. ActiveWater automatically determines the type of fabric and selects the necessary parameters. "AntiAllergy" allows you to clean clothes from traces of detergent, animal hair and pollen. AquaStop will provide complete protection against leaks. The price for a model can reach 130,000 rubles.

Advantages of the device:

  • 4 types of drying;
  • high-quality spin at 1400 rpm allows you to get things almost dry;
  • 15 programs clean any type of fabric;
  • Possibility to lock the control panel during washing.

The disadvantages include:

  • the need to launch the “Cleaning” function after each batch of dried laundry;
  • high level of energy consumption, the model belongs to class B;
  • high water consumption – 95 l;
  • high price.


  • All models are energy efficient. Even machines with dryers have energy consumption class A.
  • When purchasing, it is advisable to clarify the assembly location and geographical purpose of each specific model. There is a reasonable suspicion that only German-assembled SMAs have the highest quality.
  • The warranty on Bosch washing machines is 1 year. For spare parts - 2 years. When purchasing an SMA, the buyer has the right to extend the warranty from 1 year to 5 years, but must pay a separate fee.
  • German equipment may fail due to power surges in the network. It is advisable to install voltage stabilizers for your home network.

It’s not for nothing that Bosch SMAs occupy the highest positions in the ratings. This equipment is equipped with all the attributes of modern technology - it is “smart”, easy to operate, saves all types of resources and does not cause trouble to its owners.

Connection rules

To connect a Bosch washing machine, follow these steps:

  1. A source of electricity is supplied. It’s good if the machine is connected to a separate outlet. In extreme cases, you can use an extension cord.
  2. Connect the inlet hose to the cold water pipe. They do the installation themselves, or hire a plumber for this purpose.
  3. Discharge into the sewer. Alternatively, you can place the drain hose in the sink or bathtub, but this method carries the risk of water leakage.

Before the first start, it is necessary to check the reliability and tightness of all connections.

Instructions for connecting a Bosch washing machine can be found in this article; washing machines with Aquastop can be found here.

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