Is the tank collapsible or not – which washing machine to choose?

When choosing a new or used washing machine, in addition to the dimensions and weight of the load of laundry, you should pay attention to an important future feature of the model: whether the tank is collapsible or non-dismountable. It's the tank, not the drum. Why does a simple technology user need to know this? It's simple - to save on repairs and maintenance in the future. Sooner or later you will need to replace the bearings or the drum cross, or remove a foreign body from the tank.

Choosing a washing machine: What to look for

Design and dimensions

Washing machines can be divided into two types: front-loading and top-loading.

A front-loading machine is exactly what comes to mind when you hear the words “automatic washing machine.” Laundry is loaded into them through a transparent hatch in the front - with its help you can admire how the clothes dangle during washing. This is the most common type of machine, which, in turn, includes four standards:

  • full-size (dimensions - 85-90x60x60 cm, load - 5-7 kg of laundry);
  • narrow (dimensions - 85-90x60x35-40 cm, load - 4-5 kg ​​of laundry);
  • ultra-narrow (dimensions - 85-90x60x32-35 cm, load - 3.5-4 kg of laundry);
  • compact (dimensions - 68-70x47-50x43-45 cm, load - 3 kg of laundry).

The first type of machines takes up the most space, but also holds the most laundry. Compact machines are designed for installation under the sink. The main disadvantage of all front-loading machines is the need to leave space in front of the unit in order to open the hatch and load laundry.

Washing machines with vertical loading, which occurs through a hatch on top, do not have this drawback. You won’t be able to admire the dance of the sheets in such a machine, but it also needs much less space. Usually, with a fairly decent load, its dimensions are 85x60x35 cm - that is, a machine with vertical loading is similar in height and depth to a front-loading machine, but much narrower, takes up less space and can be installed with its front side close to the wall.

The design of the washing machine has almost no effect on the quality of washing, noise, vibration and other indicators.

Washing programs

Manufacturers of washing machines seem to be competing in the number of different washing programs: today, even a dozen modes are no longer the limit. True, most of us usually use three or four programs, no more: well, cotton, well, wool and hand wash, well, jeans, well, a quick program. Usually that's all. All kinds of eco-modes, programs for silk and other delights are usually tried once or twice and not used again. So don’t be fooled by the number of programs: much more important is the ability to independently set the washing time, water temperature and spin speed.

Energy efficiency class

Everything is simple here. The energy efficiency class is designated by a letter of the Latin alphabet. The closer the letter is to “A” and the more pluses after it, the better. The highest energy efficiency class is “A+++”, the lowest is “G”.

Washing and spin class

In principle, the system here is similar to the energy efficiency class: letters from “A” to “G”, the closer the letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the better. The washing class indicator today is not as relevant as before, because over a quarter of a century even budget models have learned to wash quite well. But the spin class shows how much moisture remains on the clothes after the procedure. The best result is 45% or less, the worst is more than 90%, but you can’t even call this a spin. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the number of drum revolutions during spinning. Even for inexpensive machines, it can reach 1,500 thousand per minute, which corresponds to the “A” spin class, but this wrinkles the clothes so much that hardly anyone will use such a spin.

Additional functions

As usual, most of the additional functionality of washing machines is pure marketing, designed not to make the buyer’s life more comfortable, but to raise the price of the product. Although there are some really useful suggestions. For example, the direct drum drive, for which LG washing machines are famous, simplifies the design of the unit and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, the Eco Bubble system really washes clothes better, and the AquaStop function really protects against leaks. However, when choosing, it is better to focus on the main indicators rather than on additional functionality.

How to find out the type of tank

There are manufacturers who use both options. For example, Bosch-Siemens. The type of tank they have can be determined from the letter part of the model name; this information can be found from service technicians or on forums on the Internet. When purchasing equipment in a store, you can ask the manager to remove the top cover of the model you like, if this is allowed. When choosing a used car, there should be no problems with obtaining such information.

Top 11 washing machines

The best built-in washing machine

Bosch WIW28540OE

A built-in washing machine from Bosch is efficient, economical and very expensive, costing almost 100,000 rubles. Specially designed side walls increase structural rigidity and reduce vibration, so the device operates quietly and stably. Intelligent sensors regulate power and water consumption depending on the type of fabric, amount of clothing and type of contamination, so the machine provides very decent savings. You can load up to 8 kg of laundry - a kind of record among household washing machines. Spin class B, washing class A, energy efficiency class A+++. There is the possibility of reloading laundry and a drum cleaning program.

Price: RUB 99,990

Best steam washing machine


A front-loading machine, which is one and a half times higher in price than the model above and costs about 55,000 rubles. The full-size unit supports loading up to 8 kg of laundry. Energy consumption and washing correspond to class A, spinning - class B. Touch control, digital display, protection against children and against leaks Aqua-Control. You can refresh your clothes, get rid of odors and quickly put them in order with a quick wash of 20 minutes or through steam treatment, which also provides disinfection. The machine looks nice, works quietly and can do everything that a self-respecting washing machine in the 21st century should be able to do.

Price: RUB 54,990

The best inverter washing machine

Haier HW80-B14686

A very nice Haier front-loading washing machine costs about 55,000 rubles. It works quietly and washes well. Touch control correctly handles even touches with wet fingers - a large, bright display is designed to control operation. A high-tech inverter motor with a direct drive system rotates the drum stably, almost silently and with minimal energy consumption. There is a steam cleaning function that kills germs and makes ironing easier. There is a super-fast program lasting only a quarter of an hour. You can load up to 8 kg of laundry into the machine. A dozen and a half programs are provided, protection from children, from overflow, from power surges.

Price: RUB 54,990

Best front load washing machine

Siemens WS 10G240

An automatic front-loading washing machine, which can be called classic both in terms of appearance and functionality. It can be used both as a free-standing and as a built-in appliance - for this purpose the top cover is made removable. It is possible to reload laundry during washing: however, this happens through the main hatch, so the process has to be stopped and the water drained. With the exception of these points, the machine does not offer anything unusual: standard dimensions, loading up to 5 kg, spin speed up to 1000 rpm, price 24,000 rubles.

Far from being the newest, but still a popular model that outperforms most of its more modern competitors in terms of price and quality.

Price: RUB 23,990

The best narrow washing machine


This narrow front-loading washing machine can not only wash and spin clothes, but also steam treat clothes. This helps to get rid of unpleasant odors and smooth out small wrinkles. With a depth of only 45 cm, it can hold 7 kg of laundry. Supports additional loading - you can throw things into the drum right during washing. Direct drive ensures reliability and durability of the motor. There is control via Wi-Fi, and you can download additional washing modes through a special application.

At a price of 32,000 rubles, it is one of the best narrow washing machines on the market: quiet, neat, efficient and economical.

Price: RUB 31,990

Best washer dryer


A very nice and even stylish washing machine, which immediately stands out with its slightly daring contrasting colors. Fortunately, she has something to please her owners, besides design. The machine washes perfectly, works very quietly, holds up to 7 kg of laundry and takes up very little space. But the main feature here, of course, is the built-in clothes dryer. Unlike regular spinning, it allows you to get completely dry clothes after washing, rather than wet and wrinkled ones - extremely convenient.

The issue price is 55,000 rubles. And rest assured, the LG F2T5HG2S is definitely worth the money.

Price: RUB 55,990

The best washing machine under 30,000 rubles

Weissgauff WM 5649 DC Inverter Steam

Beautiful, quiet, energy efficient and affordable - all this can be said about the WM 5649. They ask for almost 30,000 rubles for the machine, but it has so much functionality that it is enough for a device twice as expensive. The inverter motor is distinguished by its reliability and almost silent operation with low energy consumption (it is not for nothing that the machine has been awarded the highest energy efficiency class A+++). The steam treatment function speeds up washing and allows you to get soft, and even disinfected laundry.

The controls are touch-sensitive, the backlight is pleasant, the drum is spacious, the price is modest - what more could you want from a home assistant?

Price: RUB 31,990

Best budget washing machine

Candy Smart CS4 1061D1/2-07

Not everyone has the opportunity to spend a lot of money when buying a washing machine. This baby for 16,000 rubles provides the consumer with everything necessary and does not ask for anything extra. This model does not have a display, but full control with comprehensive information is available via a smartphone. Intelligent control supports synchronization with a smartphone via NFC. Otherwise, this is a fairly traditional narrow machine, capable of processing 6 kg of loaded laundry, capable of everything you need, but without a single unnecessary function. A good budget option that will do its simple job for many years.

Price: RUB 13,990

The best washing machine under 20,000 rubles

Samsung WF8590NLW9

An inexpensive and rather modest-looking washing machine from a well-known, time-tested Korean manufacturer of everything under the sun. This model does not have any particularly rich additional functionality - at such a price this is understandable. But the appearance, build quality and basic functionality are quite up to par. The device operates quietly, does not jump during the spin cycle, has all the necessary washing programs and does not cause any serious complaints.

Among the shortcomings, some users note that the interface is not the most successful. But at a price of less than 20,000 rubles, you stop paying attention to such little things.

Price: RUB 19,899

The best vertical washing machine

Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R261

A vertical washing machine that fits perfectly into interiors with limited space. For a 6 kilogram load, the model is very compact, but at the same time quite quiet, stable and energy efficient. Convenient controls, first-class washing and high-quality spinning are also with it.

The only thing that raises some concerns is the opening mechanism, which looks flimsy. On the other hand, none of the buyers complain about its breakdown, so fears can be considered unnecessary. The price of the device is 38,000 rubles.

Price: RUB 36,138

Best direct drive washing machine

Haier HW100-B14876

The world's largest manufacturer of household appliances could not pass up direct drive washing machines. This model is distinguished by energy efficiency, quiet operation and high reliability of the electric motor. The device can accept up to 10 kg of laundry in one load - a kind of record for household washing machines. An additional bonus is the drum backlight - an unexpectedly convenient and pleasant feature that is rarely seen in cheaper devices.

Not all users like the design and controls, but I would not consider them to be serious problems. In any case, the machine is definitely worth its 53,000 rubles.

Price: RUB 55,990


According to the emerging trend, all manufacturers are rushing to switch to cast polymer tanks. We can say that all frontal machines from the Electrolux concern, as well as Indesit and Hotpoint-Ariston, presented on the Belarusian market, have tanks of this type. The brands Atlant (yay!), LG, Samsung, Gorenje, Bosch, Siemens have the largest percentage of collapsible plastic tanks.

Manufacturers of prestigious equipment continue to use classic stainless steel metal tanks on some models, and, as a rule, they are collapsible.

Comparison table of the best washing machines

Name Main characteristics Price
Electrolux PerfectCare 600 EW6T5R261 6 kg maximum load, spin speed up to 1200 rpm, highest washing class A and energy efficiency A+++. ₽ 36 138
Siemens WS 10G240 With front loading and an impressive capacity of 5 kg of laundry. ₽ 23 990
LG F2T5HG2S With a shallow depth of only 45 cm, the load is as much as 7 kg of laundry, the noise during washing does not exceed 45 decibels, and during spinning - 56 decibels, which is very modest. ₽ 35 990
LG F-2H5HS6W With a depth of only 45 cm, it holds 7 kg of laundry, supports additional loading - you can throw things into the drum right during washing. ₽ 31 990
Candy Smart CS4 1061D1/2-07 Full control with comprehensive information is available via a smartphone; intelligent control supports synchronization with a smartphone via NFC. ₽ 13 990
Bosch WIW28540OE Spin class B, washing class A, energy efficiency class A+++. There is the possibility of reloading laundry and a drum cleaning program. ₽ 99 990
Haier HW80-B14686 Touch control, a high-tech inverter motor with a direct drive system rotates the drum stably, almost silently and with minimal energy consumption. ₽ 54 990
AEG L7FEC48SR The machine is front-loading, supports loading up to 8 kg of laundry, energy consumption and washing correspond to class A, spinning - class B. ₽ 54 990
Haier HW100-B14876 The machine provides fast and economical washing; you can load up to 10 kilograms of laundry at a time. ₽ 55 990
Samsung WF8590NLW9 The load is 6 kg of laundry, there are all the necessary programs, including quick wash, and child protection. ₽ 19 899
Weissgauff WM 5649 DC Inverter Steam The load is 9 kg of laundry, with the ability to reload during washing, spin speed up to 1400 rpm, touch control, “Steam” function, maximum level of energy efficiency, there are all the necessary programs, including quick wash in 15 minutes, and child protection. ₽ 31 990


  1. Washing machine LG Steam F4M5VS6S
  2. Washing machine Midea MWM 6103 Crown
  3. Washing machine Midea MWM 7123 Crown
  4. Washing machine Electrolux EW6F3R48SA
  5. Washing machine LG Steam F4M5VS4W
  6. Washing machine LG Steam F2M5NS3W
  7. Washing machine Candy RO44 1286DWMC4-07
  8. Washing machine Midea MWM 6123 Glory
  9. Washing machine Midea MWM 7143i Crown
  10. Washing machine Kuppersbusch WA 1920.0 W

Cellular novelty

The honeycomb-shaped drum is considered an unusual invention by Miele, patented so timely that you won’t find anything like it in washing machines from other companies. According to the manufacturer, this model reduces the cost of electrical energy and is more careful with things. The complete absence of welds extends the operational life of the element.

A distinctive feature is that the inner surface of the drum has hexagon-shaped holes, concave inward. During washing, a thin film is created between the laundry and the drum, protecting the material.

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