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On NoDevice you can download the operating instructions for the CANDY Smart CTY 835. The user manual is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules for installing and operating the CANDY Smart CTY 835. The operating instructions will help you properly configure the CANDY Smart CTY 835, correct errors and identify problems.
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Candy Hoover Group Srl, a group of companies with a single shareholder that manages and coordinates the activities of Candy SpA, whose registered office is at Via Comolli, 16 - 20861 Brugherio (province of Monza and Brianza) - Italy (Via Comolli, 16 - 20861 Brugherio (MB) – Italy), corporate capital of € paid in full, Italian tax identification number and company registration number in the Province of Monza and Brianza 04666310158, VAT number IT00786860965

Candy washing machine error codes

The new “Cuore” control module is installed on washing machines with the first few characters of the model number starting with the following letters:
So, if your model number begins with these letters, then the Kandy error codes below will apply to your washing machine.

How to find out the Kandy error code (without display)

If there is a display, the fault is displayed as a digital code. If there is no display, you may notice a flashing light on the front of the washing machine and the number of flashes determines the fault code, so you need to count them. First, a pause for about 5 seconds, and then a series of flashes, and all over again in a circle. It is this series of flashes that needs to be counted, its number is the code that is deciphered below.

Service test (diagnostics) Kandy

To run the service test you need to do the following:

If that doesn't work, try holding down the other advanced functions button on the left. The service test consists of the following steps:

Candy error codes with display

E1Hatch lock error The door does not lock in the closed position, no indication occurs

Candy error codes without display

1Broken door lock. Either the contacts or wiring are damaged
2The water either does not pour in at all or is too slow. The reason may be:

Before you begin any repairs yourself, you need to know and take into account the following notes:

You should also understand that error codes do not give a “100%” reason for the breakdown, errors indicate to you that there is a problem, they give a general direction of where to look for the problem, they cannot replace a professional technician with the skills to diagnose faults. It is also worth noting that manufacturers may change the meaning of errors in their equipment models and there is no guarantee that these error codes will fit your model.


How to determine the error code on Candy without a display

If your Kandy does not have a display, then it will indicate an error by interrupting the program and flashing the lights. The indicators blink in series. You need to count the number of flashes in a series: it will correspond to the error code. Which LEDs flash depends on the machine model.

Example! If you see 5 flashes of lights in a row, then a long pause, and again 5 blinks of lights, this means that your Candy is signaling error E05.

Detailed information on determining the error is in the article How to find out the error code in Candy without a display by the blinking lights.

How to resolve the error and reset the code in Kandy

The appearance of a code on the SMA is associated with a problem. When you eliminate it, the error will disappear on its own. First, decipher the error using the table above and try to reset the code yourself, following the tips in the “How to fix it yourself” column. If you don't succeed, there's probably a problem and you'll need professional help.

RemBytTech specialists have repaired more than 10,000 Candy washing machines and will always come to your aid. Call:

Based on the error code and extensive experience, our service engineers will conduct diagnostics and accurately determine the cause of the breakdown. SMA repairs will be performed immediately, right at your home. We confirm the quality with a warranty card for up to 2 years. We work to ensure that your equipment is always in service. Contact us!


Candy washing machine error codes

The Italian manufacturer of household appliances Candy has in its arsenal many models of washing machines: Aquamatic, Grand, Holiday, Aqua, Smart, Evo. These home assistants have long earned the love of housewives thanks to innovative technologies, reliability and modern design.

All Candy washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system - if a problem occurs, they stop operation and provide the user with information about the problem. If the instrument panel is equipped with a display, an information code indicating the nature of the malfunction is displayed on it. If the machine does not have a display, determining the possible reason for stopping work is also not difficult: blinking one of the indicator lights will help you figure out what the error is.

In our article we will list the main error codes for Candy washing machines, tell you what they mean, and what you can do yourself to resume washing.

Features of Smart washing machines from Candy

The Italian manufacturer of appliances, keeping up with the times, has equipped modern laundry devices with pleasant bells and whistles. The Candy Smart washing machine has the ability to perform mobile diagnostics and control washing using a mobile device via NFC technology.

Other features:

  • updated space design, which is embodied in a gray or white body color and a stylish volumetric hatch with chrome trim;
    Candy Smart washing machine in the interior
  • quick dialing of programs, which is carried out in the standard way - using the scroll lever and additional option buttons;
  • built-in automatic weighing sensor KG DETECTOR, which itself determines the degree of loading of the centrifuge (based on the data obtained, the optimal washing program is selected and the amount of water is calculated);
  • a digital display will provide the user with information about the completion of a specific washing stage and tell you how much time is left until the end of the work;
  • there is an easy ironing function, using which you will get things with a minimum number of folds (in some cases you will not need to carry out post-processing with an iron);
  • you can manually adjust the spin speed, temperature and even time within the selected mode;
  • there is a delayed start option, which is convenient for very busy people;
  • In terms of protection, there is a voltage stabilizer, protection against leaks and child intervention.

Error codes for Candy washing machine models with display

Many Candy washing machines, such as the Smart series, are equipped with a display located on the dashboard. In order to identify the problem, it is enough to decipher the meaning of the alphanumeric code that appears on the display. In the table below, we have listed the causes of possible errors and how to eliminate them.

Description of the error and the reasons for its occurrence

The washing machine door is not closed (the lock mechanism may be broken, the hatch door may be skewed, the rubber cuff may be deformed, foreign objects may get into the lock or the hatch lumen)

Checking the washing machine lock, its wiring, rubber cuff, removing foreign objects from the hatch opening, checking the operation of the control module

The machine cannot draw water, it does it too slowly, or the level of water drawn is higher than necessary (lack of water in the water supply or low pressure, clogged water supply hose, filter, broken water supply valve or water level sensor)

Checking the water pressure in the water supply network, removing blockages in the filter and hose, repairing or replacing the valve and sensor, checking the electronic controller

The machine cannot drain water (damage to the drain pump, clogged drain filter, drain hose, malfunction of the pressure switch)

Removing blockages in the filter and hose, restoring the operation of the drain pump and pressure switch, replacing parts

The water level in the tank exceeds that required for washing (malfunction of the valve that lets water into the washing machine tank or the water level sensor)

Checking the inlet valve, water level sensor, replacing parts

The machine cannot heat the water (the water heating sensor, heating element is faulty, the operation of the control module is faulty)

Checking and repairing the sensor: the resistance should be about 20 kOhm (at a temperature of +25 ℃) and 2.14 kOhm (at +85 ℃); checking the heating element, program selector motor, replacing parts

The washing machine motor rotates too much (the tachogenerator is faulty)

Checking the serviceability of the tachogenerator and its wiring

Washing machine motor does not work

The washing machine motor or control module is faulty

It should be noted that information codes such as E06 , E08 and E20 do not exist for Candy washing machines. Error codes E12 , E14 and E16 are simply called 12 , 14 , 16, and they are only valid for models of household appliances that are not equipped with a display.


In the video below you can see how to eliminate error E-3

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History knows the fact that a kitten fell into the drum of a washing machine and, after going through a full wash cycle on the “Wool” program, got out of the unit unharmed. The only trouble for the pet was an allergy to washing powder.

In the 19th century, washing ladies' toilets took a lot of time. The dresses were first ripped open, and then each part was washed and dried separately so that the fabric did not become deformed. After washing, the clothes were sewn again.

Washing machines equipped with the “No Iron” or “Easy Iron” functions can wash clothes with little to no wrinkling. This effect is achieved through a special approach to spinning - it is performed at low speeds, with long pauses, and a small amount of water is retained in the tank.

The first officially patented washing machine was made of wood and was a box with a frame, half filled with wooden balls. Laundry for washing and detergent were loaded inside and the frame was moved using a lever, which, in turn, made the balls move and grind the laundry.

The expression “soap opera” (“soap”) did not arise by chance. The very first series and shows that had a female audience were broadcast on television at a time when housewives did cleaning, ironing and laundry. In addition, to attract female viewers to the screens, commercials for detergents: soaps and powders were often played on air.

For washing small items on the road or in a hotel, it is convenient to use a regular plastic bag. Socks or tights are kneaded inside a tied bag along with water and a small amount of detergent. This method allows you to pre-soak things and wash them without damaging the fabric or wasting a lot of powder and water.

There are a variety of balls that are used in the washing machine. Antistatic ones will prevent the fabric from sticking to the body after washing, balls with special loops will “comb” the lint and prevent the appearance of pills, and silicone ones with pimples will prevent fluff from matting when washing outerwear.

Washing machines have something to do with the origin of the expression “money laundering.” In the 1930s, American gangsters used a network of laundries as a cover for their illegal activities. By passing off the proceeds of crime as proceeds from cleaning clothes, they turned “dirty” money into “clean” money.

Astronauts, while in Earth orbit, solve the problem of dirty things using an original method. Clothes are dropped from the spacecraft and burn up in the upper atmosphere.


Candy washing machine error codes

If you understand the reason for the error and you need a replacement part, contact the Samodelkin online store. We have an excellent range of spare parts for Candy washing machines at an affordable price.

Possible solution methods

E1 (E01, Err 1, Error 1)

For equipment without a display, it blinks once every 5 seconds

The hatch door does not close, it does not lock

E2 (E02, Err 02, Error 2)

For machines without a display, the system flashes twice every 5 seconds.

Water does not flow into the tank, or flows too slowly or in excess.

For SMAs that are not equipped with a display, three blinks are visible every 5 seconds

E4 (E04, Err 04, Error 04)

For washing machines without a display, you can see the indicator blinking four times every 5 seconds.

The error appears three minutes after the machine takes in an excessive amount of water.

E5 (E05, Err 5, Error 5)

Cars that are not equipped with a display flash five times in a series every 5 seconds.

E6 (E06, Err 6, Error 6)

Control board fault

E7 (E07, Err 7, ERROR 7)

The car tries to start the engine three times, it rotates very quickly

E8 (E08, Err 8, Error

The error is practically absent in Candy washing machines with a display, for example, CST G282DM/1-07

Tachogenerator error, washing process does not occur

E9 (E09, Err 9, Error 09)

Machines without display have batteries 9 flashes at 5 second intervals

Motor failure (electric motor of the washing machine)

E10 (Err 10, Error 10)

Machines without a display give 10 flashes with a 5 second break between series

The car engine does not work

Error in the operation of the program selector or motor connections.

E11 (Err11, Error 11)

For cars without a display - 11 flashes every 5 seconds

The machine does not dry things or does not dry them enough (only relevant for machines with drying, for example, Candy GVSW40364TWHC-07)

F12 (Err 12, Error 12, EC)

For machines without a display, 12 consecutive flashes occur every 5 seconds.

The drying mode of the machine does not correspond to the set program

(only for washing machines with dryers, e.g. Candy Smart CSW4 365D/2-07)

Typical for CM models with vertical loading and equipped with a display, for example, Candy CTD8766

Washing machine does not heat water

The washing machine does not work and does not make any sounds

Control unit malfunction.

The machine does not heat the water or its temperature does not correspond to the set program

The machine does not spin the drum or spins it too fast

The washing machine has stopped the wash cycle or does not initially turn on or start working, but displays the indicated error.

Control module is faulty

E20, E21 (Err20, Err 21, Error 20, Error 21)

The machine stops washing and the water does not drain.

E22 (Err 22, Error 22)

Cars without a display produce a series of 22 flashes at intervals of 5-10 seconds.

The machine interrupts the program: it fills and drains water, does not heat the water during the washing phase, or stops in the middle of the cycle.


All models of Candy washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system, which allows you to independently determine and eliminate the cause of malfunctions in the operation of the household appliance at home.
Depending on whether the control panel is equipped with a display or not, the washing machine signals a malfunction with a specific code. For washing machines with a display - a letter with numbers, for devices without a display - flashing indicators.

We will talk about error codes for Kandy washing machines below.

How does it wash and spin?

The Shiatsu relief drum balances the laundry and distributes water evenly. Thanks to the special design, good impregnation of all areas of loaded fabrics is ensured, which contributes to effective washing. Thus, all modern models from Kandy have a high wash class A.

Special drum design in Kandy washing machines

Also, the user should be interested in a large number of 15-16 modes, depending on the model. But you shouldn’t delude yourself too much, because some modes are just normal temperature variations. In machines you can wash:

  • jeans;
  • mixed fabrics;
  • wool;
  • delicate fabrics;
  • microfiber sportswear;
  • baby clothes with extra rinsing

There is a separate soak procedure, super rinse and an Anti-Wrinkle option that minimizes wrinkles in clothes.

GrandoVita models have a special mode that washes fabrics of various types and colors at a temperature of 20 degrees - Mix & Was. At the same time, the manufacturer promises washing efficiency as at 40 degrees. The mode works this way: first, powdered water is sprayed under pressure, which knocks dirt out of the fibers. Therefore, washing at low temperatures will save you electricity, without at all compromising the quality of the wash.

You will not find high spin, as in Miele, Siemens, Samsung, LG washing machines, in these budget options. The maximum revolution is 1200. Although it is absolutely not worth pursuing a high spin rate, because excessive acceleration of the centrifuge can injure thin, delicate things.

Messages about problems with Candy washing machines with a display

An error code—an alphanumeric combination displayed on the control panel display—will help you find out what exactly caused the failure of the Candy washing machine with a display.

Problem: there is no hatch door lock.


What to do:

Problem: there is no water supply to the drum; during the time specified by the program, the amount of water collected exceeds the norm (the required volume is not collected).


What to do:

Read more in this article.

Problem: very slow (or completely absent) drainage of waste liquid from the drum.


What to do:

Problem: the water level in the tank exceeds the parameters specified by the program.


What to do:

Problem: Regardless of the selected program, the water in the tank does not heat up to the desired temperature. Reason: the temperature sensor has failed, the heating element requires replacement.

What to do:

Problem: the washing process is blocked after pressing the “Start” button.


E07, E 17

Problem: The drum does not spin, rotates only in one direction, or goes to very fast speeds immediately after starting the wash. Reason: the tachogenerator has failed. What to do: check the resistance of the tachometer winding with a multimeter (replace the sensor if necessary). Details are in this article.

Problem: the washer stopped rotating the drum a few minutes after starting the wash. Reason: malfunction of the tachogenerator, malfunction in the motor circuit.

What to do:

Problem: the process of starting the wash is blocked (the drum does not rotate, the engine does not start). Reason: engine malfunction, control unit triac has failed.

What to do:

Problem: there is no rotation of the commutator motor shaft.


Typical codes for drying devices

Error codes for Kandy washing machines and dryers:

Problem: The washing machine does not dry the laundry. Causes: The drying heater is faulty.

What to do:

E12, E13

Problem: the drying mode does not correspond to the parameters specified by the program. Reasons: the heating element has failed or the drying temperature sensor is faulty.

What to do:

E14 (typical for models with vertical loading)

Problem: The water does not heat up to the set temperature. Reasons: breaks in the water heating circuit.

What to do:

Problem: it is impossible to start any program (there is no feedback from the module when pressing buttons or turning the selector knob). Reasons: the control module is faulty. To do: restart the washing machine, diagnose the control unit.

Problem: the water heating temperature does not correspond to the parameters specified by the program; immediately after plugging in the household appliance, the RCD breaks out.

Reason: malfunction of the heating element (short circuit occurred, breakdown of the heating element on the housing). What to do: replace the failed heating element. Read more here.

Problem: The washer does not start the cycle. Reason: failure of the control module, incorrect parameters of the electrical network in the house. What to do: check the voltage in the network, diagnose the control module.

E20, E21

Problem: water supply to the drum is blocked or the tank is filled above the norm specified by the program.

What to do:

Details are in this article.

Problem: the program is interrupted in the middle of the cycle, the washing machine repeatedly draws in and drains cold water.


What to do:

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  • White color
  • Control: electronic (intelligent)
  • Installation: free-standing
  • Loading type: vertical
  • Maximum load of laundry: 6 kg
  • Additional features: program end signal
  • Number of washing programs: 21
  • Spin speed: up to 850 rpm
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 40x60x85 cm
  • Energy class: A


Here you can watch a video review of Candy CTY 8546. Find out the characteristics, read reviews about Candy CTY 8546.

Designations of Kandy washing machines without display

Kandy washing machines without a display indicate problems by flashing the indicator located on the control panel in the lower left corner . All you need to do is count the number of blinks. The indicator flashes in two stages, with a break of five seconds.

Depending on the model of the Kandy washing machine, recognition of the error code may differ slightly:

You can find out exactly which indicator lights up when a malfunction occurs in a specific Kandy washing machine model in the operating manual for the household appliance. Decoding error codes for Candy washing machines without a display:

Error code (number of blinks)ProblemCauseWhat to do?
0 (indicator lights up constantly)Incorrect operation of the control moduleControl module is faultyTest the control module
1Difficulty locking the hatchUBL is out of order, contact connections are brokenCheck the integrity and cleanliness of the lock, cuff, test the UBL
2The tank does not fill with water or fills very slowlyThere is no water pressure, the pressure switch is faulty, the inlet hose is damagedCheck the water pressure in the tap, clean the inlet hose, test the water level control sensor in the tank
3There is no water draining from the drumThe drain hose is deformed, the drain pump has failed, and the drain filter is clogged.Clean the drain filter and pipes, test the operation of the drain pump, replace the pressure switch
4The volume of water exceeds the parameters specified by the programThe filling valve has failed, the pressure switch has failedCheck inlet valve, water level sensor
5The water in the drum does not heat upThe temperature sensor or heating element has failed.Replace temperature sensor and heating element
6The washing machine's memory is faultyControl module problemsReset the washing machine
7Engine blockingThe wiring or contacts in the UBL circuit or the engine circuit are broken.Check the resistance of the tachogenerator winding, restart the washing machine
8The engine speed is several times higher than the parameters specified by the program.The tachogenerator has failedReplace the tachogenerator
9The washing machine motor shaft does not rotateThe triac has failedTriac replacement, drive repair or replacement
12,13The washing machine does not respond to commandsLost communication between the instrument panel and the control moduleCheck and eliminate connection problems between the control and display modules
14The washing machine is blocking the working cycle, there may be a problem with water heatingControl module is faultyTest the control module
15The washing machine is blocking the washing processControl module is faultyTest the control module
16There is cold water in the tankHeating element damaged due to short circuitReplace faulty heating element
17Inconsistency between the drum rotation speed and the specified programTachogenerator faultyReplace the tachogenerator
18Difficulty operating the washing machineA mismatch in the voltage parameters in the network caused a malfunction of the control moduleDetermine the voltage in the network, if the parameters do not correspond, take measures to restore standard values

Specifications Candy CTY 8546

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Main characteristics

ControlElectronic (intelligent)
Load Typevertical
Maximum load of laundry6 kg
Additional featuresprogram end signal

Washing programs

Number of washing programs21
Washing woolThere is
Special programswashing delicate fabrics, super rinse, quick wash


Spin speed selectionThere is
Spin speedup to 850 rpm


Dimensions (WxDxH)40x60x85 cm

Energy consumption

Energy classA
Washing efficiency classA


Foam level controlThere is
Balance controlThere is
Leak protectionThere is


Tank materialplastic

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.

How to reset?

Provided that the appearance of an error on the control panel of the washing machine is not caused by serious breakdowns, a reboot will help restore the operation of the household appliance.

If no indicator lights up or the error appears before the work cycle starts, you can fix the problem in the following way:

If the washing machine does not respond to button presses and turns of the selector knob, abruptly unplugging the appliance from the outlet will help resolve the problem.

The emergency reboot method can be used only in exceptional, isolated cases , otherwise there is a high risk of control module breakdowns, which leads to expensive, time-consuming repairs of household appliances.

How is communication with a mobile device established?

After downloading the special application, you need to enter 3 parameters:

  • type of underwear (for example, shirts, jeans, evening dress, etc.);
  • color;
  • degree of pollution.

As soon as you bring your mobile phone to the top panel, follow the recommendations of the voice assistant. The “smart” device, after analyzing the information provided, will select the most optimal washing cycle.

Smart Touch button

In addition, the NFC module will be an excellent assistant in identifying and decoding errors. Information will appear on the screen of your gadget that will tell you what to do in case of problems. To conduct mobile diagnostics, you need to bring your phone to the tag and select diagnostic mode.

What is the application for?

To connect to your phone you need to download a special application

Using the Smart application, you can:

  • choose optimal programs, in particular additional ones;
  • get help in the event of breakdowns, as well as solve some difficulties yourself;
  • collect statistics (the program tracks the modes that you run most often, and based on the data obtained, washing parameters are optimized);
  • take advantage of a huge collection of tips and tricks to help improve the quality of washing and save resources.

Call the master

Ignorance of the internal structure of the Candy washing machine, lack of or unsuccessful experience in self-repair is a good reason to turn to service center professionals for help.
When leaving a request on the campaign website or by phone (contacts are easy to find through Internet search engines), you must provide the washing machine model and error code (if the washing machine does not have a display, then external signs of a malfunction).

Depending on the complexity of the repair, the cost of services can vary from 1,500 rubles. up to 4500 rub . The technician will be able to announce the exact amount to be paid only after a thorough diagnosis of the household appliance.

Upon completion of the repair, the technician starts the washing machine, checking the quality of the work done. Only after this can a full calculation be made. Under no circumstances should you pay in full for work not yet completed. Otherwise, there is a high risk of being left with an unresolved problem.

Review of Smart series washing machines

The Candy Smart washing machine can be ultra-narrow - up to 35 cm deep and with a tank capacity of 5-6 kg, or simply narrow - designed for 7-8 kg with a depth of 40-44 cm.

Ultra-narrow washing machines from Kandy, up to 45 cm deep

Washing machine Candy Smart CS4 1172D1/2

This device will please the user with good capacity - up to 7 kg, numerous modes and the ability to adjust the program manually - for example, set the spin speed, the temperature of washing clothes and even the time in individual modes.

Washing machine CS4 1172


  • belongs to the ultra-narrow category, since it has a depth of only 40 cm;
  • the tank is made of stainless steel;
  • the noise level during washing is 58 dB, and during spinning 79 dB, which indicates noise during operation;
  • maximum acceleration of the centrifuge – 1100 rpm;
  • users will certainly be pleased with the express wash for 14, 30 and 44 minutes;

The Candy Smart CS4 washing machine will cost you 16 thousand rubles.

Model GrandO Vita Smart GVS34 116DC2-07

This washing machine is very narrow, so it can easily fit even in a miniature bathroom without taking up much space. Suitable for people who often wash not very dirty things - it has an express wash for 14, 30 and 44 minutes.

Washing machine GVS34 116D


  • maximum load is 6 kg, and maximum acceleration of the centrifuge is 1100 rpm;
  • the drum is made of stainless steel, and the tank is made of Silitech composite, which is resistant to corrosion even at high temperatures;
  • The noise level during washing is 56, and during spinning 77 dB, so the operation of the washing machine cannot be called ultra-quiet;
  • the hatch door has a nice looking chrome trim;
  • delayed timer for 24 hours;
  • there is memory - you can only enter one program;
  • electronic protection against child interference.

The cost of a laundry machine is 19.2 thousand rubles.

Model Smart Activa

Although this Candy Smart washing machine has a significant depth of 54 cm, it only holds 5 kg. It can easily be installed under the sink, because it has a removable top panel. The maximum acceleration of the centrifuge is 1200 rpm. There is the ability to connect to your gadget running Android.

Model Smart Activa

The cost of the device is 35 thousand rubles.

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