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The Italian brand of household appliances Ignis is well known in Europe. In Russia, the products of this brand are not advertised. This is due to the fact that the trademark today belongs to the Whirpool Group. Therefore, Virpul sells these products to consumers under its own brand.

  • History of the Ignis brand
  • Features of Ignis washing machines
  • Rating of popular models
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Catalog of washing machines with search by characteristics

History of the Ignis brand

The Ignis brand appeared in the 40s in Italy. The name is borrowed from the Latin language and translated means “fire”. It was founded by the Milanese industrialist Guido Borghi and his sons. His innovative ideas allowed the company to develop at a rapid pace.

In 1972, the Ignis brand was acquired by Philips, and in 1989 it was transferred to the international Whirpool Group of companies.

Ignis household appliances supplied to the Russian Federation are assembled in Slovakia, Italy, Poland, France and China. Washing machines are assembled directly in Slovakia.


Vertical Ignis

Characteristics of IGNIS LTE 1055

* Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Main characteristics

ControlElectronic (intelligent)
Load Typevertical
Maximum load of laundry5 kg
Additional featureschoice of washing temperature, presence of wheels/rollers on the body

Washing programs

Number of washing programs10
Washing woolThere is
Special programswashing delicate fabrics, quick wash, pre-wash

Features of Ignis washing machines

Ignis SMAs are distinguished by their functionality, reliability and ease of use.
The line of washing equipment includes models with a maximum capacity of 5 to 9 kg. Loading can be either vertical or horizontal. Vertical SMAs are equipped with a gradual opening mechanism for the basket and many other useful functions. Models with horizontal loading have a removable lid for easy installation of equipment.

The devices are made in classic white color and traditional design. The control panel is a selector with keys and a rotary switch.

Model overview

LTE 8027

There are currently no models with vertical loading on the Russian market. However, they may offer used machines of this type. Therefore, it makes sense to consider their characteristics. For example, LTE 8027 is a vertical freestanding machine.

Maximum load, kg5
Spin speed rpm800
Energy classA
Washing classA
Spin efficiency classD
Number of programs10
Dimensions, (HxWxD), cm90x60x40
Approximate price, rub.16 300
Leak protectionpartially
Child lockNo
Foam level controlThere is
Imbalance controlThere is

LTE 8027 Top Loading Model

Users appreciated the practicality and compactness of the model. As it turns out, it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. It easily fits in a narrow elevator, leaving room for two people. Thanks to its convenient transportation, this machine is beneficial for people living in rented apartments. But it is also suitable for those who live a “settled” life. True, its load is small, but for a small family 5 kilograms is enough. Among the advantages, users also named:

  • Quiet operation, no vibrations;
  • A large number of modes, a program for wool;
  • High quality washing;
  • Simplicity and reliability.

Almost all owners noted the quiet operation of the device, but some still complained about the noisy spin cycle. Special thanks were also expressed for the “summer”, 15-minute washing program. Approximately 80% of reviews are positive, which allows us to state that the model is worthy of consumer attention. The vast majority of complaints are not related to the quality of work, but to design features. Thus, users complained about the absence of:

  • Time indicator;
  • Sound signal about the completion of the process;
  • Adjustments for all 4 legs - only 2 have it.

Control panel SMA Ignis

For more detailed specifications and reviews, see Yandex Market.

LTE 1055

Another freestanding vertical machine with intelligent control. You can select the spin speed or cancel it. In addition to the wool program, there are a number of additional programs - for delicate fabrics, pre-wash and express wash. You can choose the temperature.

Maximum load, kg5
Spin speed rpm1000
Energy classA
Washing classA
Spin efficiency classWITH
Number of programs10
Dimensions, (HxWxD), cm90x60x40
Approximate price, rubles.17 000
Leak protectionpartially
Child lockNo
Foam level controlThere is
Imbalance controlThere is

Model LTE 1055 with a number of additional programs

This model has mixed reviews. But the categorical contradictions of opinions are not caused by the quality of washing, noise level or other operational parameters - here users unanimously praise the device. Dissatisfaction is caused by the lack of basic things that many people already take for granted:

  • “Where is the timer?”;
  • “Why can’t you cancel the wash?”;
  • “For that kind of money and without a display!”

These are approximately the statements contained in the reviews of the owners of the Ignis LTE 1055. While paying tribute to the build quality, they are disappointed in its functionality and equipment. “Yesterday” is the verdict of the dissatisfied. More conservative users probably knew what they were getting - they were generally happy with their purchase. But they also have some complaints about the model. Thus, in particular, noise was noted during the spin cycle. There are also comments on the quality of washing: users claim that express modes do not wash properly.

All specifications and reviews can be viewed on Yandex.Market.

LOE 6001

White machine with front loading and intelligent control. Freestanding model. In one cycle it consumes 49 liters of water. You can select the speed and cancel the spin cycle. Specifications:

Maximum load, kg6
Spin speed rpm1000
Energy classA++
Washing classA
Spin efficiency classWITH
Number of programs13
Dimensions, (HxWxD), cm60x57x85
Leak protectionpartially
Child lockThere is
Foam level controlThere is
Imbalance controlThere is

Freestanding model LOE 6001 with intelligent control

Front-facing models are known to Russian consumers even less. At the moment they are not on sale, their description is terse, and reviews are sporadic. The few owners of this model noted the presence of all the necessary programs. But the lack of a display, as in the vertical versions, caused criticism.

See other characteristics and detailed reviews on Yandex.Market.

Rating of popular models

Ignis LTE 8027

The Ignis LTE 8027 top-loading machine holds 5 kg of laundry and spins it at a speed of 800 rpm. Washing class - A. Body dimensions: 90x40x60 cm.

The device is equipped with partial protection against leaks, control of foam formation and imbalance. The equipment works quite quietly: during washing – 52 dB, during spinning – 72 dB.

The advantages of this machine include:

  • affordable price;
  • simple controls;
  • good washing results;
  • presence of 10 operating modes.

Users consider the following disadvantages of Ignis LTE 8027:

  • lack of time indication and sound signal about completion of work;
  • low drum rotation speed during spinning.

Ignis LTE 8027

Ignis LTE 1055

Compared to the previous model, LTE 1055 has a more attractive design and improved equipment. Although the technical indicators of these models are similar:

  • loading – 5 kg;
  • dimensions – 90x40x60 cm;
  • noise level: during the washing process - 52 dB, spinning is carried out at 72 dB.

The designers increased the spin power to 1000 rpm. LTE 1055 is equipped with protection against possible leaks and an imbalance and foam control system.

The machine has the following advantages:

  • excellent design;
  • good build quality;
  • durability of device parts;
  • high drum rotation speed during spinning;
  • economical consumption of resources.

Expert opinion

I work in the household appliance repair industry. Extensive experience in restoring washing machines and dishwashers.

Ask a Question

The improved LTE 1055, like LTE 8027, does not provide a notification about the end of the machine’s operation.

Ignis LTE 1055

Ignis LOE 7001

The freestanding front-loading Ignis LOE 7001 has a removable lid for easy installation of the device into furniture. The machine is quite roomy - 7 kg, its dimensions: 60x57x85 cm.

The equipment is equipped with an electronic control system. SMA energy consumption class is A++. This device helps the user save energy resources. Washing efficiency class – A.

The laundry is spun at the next speed – 1000 rpm. The rotation of the drum can be adjusted. The machine has 13 modes, including special programs for:

  • woolen items;
  • products from delicate fabrics;
  • pre-wash;
  • prevent clothes from wrinkling.

Ignis LOE 7001

The water temperature is user adjustable. The start of the work cycle can be delayed by up to 12 hours. A more powerful device produces more noise during operation: washing – 59 dB, spinning – 74 dB.

Drying is not provided in the design.

Model Ignis LTE-8027

It is relatively cheap, but has the qualities inherent in mid-priced equipment. It accommodates 10 laundry washing programs, and the drum holds about 5 kg of clothes. The loading method is vertical type, the maximum drum rotation speed is 800 rpm.

Model Ignis LTE-8027

The model is relatively silent: in washing mode up to 52 dB, in spin mode – 72 dB. All parts are equipped with special leak protection. There is also protection against accidental pressing. There are two energy efficiency classes A and D. With dimensions of 90x40x60 cm, the machine fits into the tightest bathtub. The most important! There is smart wash control, which is quite rare in washing machines of this price range.

Advantages of the model:

  • low cost;
  • high build quality at a relatively low price;
  • excellent washing and spinning;
  • simple controls (there are instructions in Russian) and a user-friendly interface - even a child can figure it out;
  • at high speeds the car stays in place and does not jump all over the bathroom;
  • The set of washing modes includes only the most necessary ones.


The model also has disadvantages, including:

  • small selection of spin speed options;
  • the quality of the spin leaves much to be desired - the limited number of revolutions per minute leaves no chance for a good spin of things;
  • The machine does not signal the end of the wash with a sound signal. For some reason, the manufacturer did not provide this basic and user-friendly option.

Consumer Reviews

A stable and reliable machine for those who value quality of work, not external gloss. An indication of the remaining washing time would be nice, and everything else you need is there.

Gregory about Ignis LTE 8027:

I liked this washing machine right away, the price is affordable. Fits perfectly in our bathroom. Sometimes it vibrates during the spin cycle, but not much. The compartments for powder and conditioner are convenient, and in general everything is at hand.

Tamara about Ignis LTE1055:

In Ignis cars you will not find modern bells and whistles, like those from well-known equipment manufacturers. But experience shows that the fewer electronics, the fewer unpleasant surprises the washing machine presents.

Egor about the brand:



It is difficult to call budget washing machines of the Italian brand Ignis high-tech, but they are equipped with all the necessary options and do an excellent job of their duties. Every housewife first of all wants to get a good washing result, and the presence of modern innovations in the device is secondary.

Typical faults

  • Water does not drain. This is an ordinary case. You just need to clean the filter. This problem can be encountered if spin cycles are skipped. Procedure: stop the machine, drain the water and clean the filter. This must be done, otherwise the equipment may break.
  • The sunroof does not open or close . Typically, the door on Ignis machines opens 2 minutes after the cycle completes. If it does not open, you need to look for the cause of the malfunction. This can happen due to the presence of water in the drum, wear of the hatch lock, breakage of the handle, or a defective pressure switch (water level sensor). If cleaning the filter does not help, you need to turn on the rinse and spin mode. If this does not help, disconnect the device from the power supply for half an hour. Nothing has changed - call a specialist.
  • Extraneous noise is heard . There may be a foreign object in the drum or tank. We need to take it out. The extraction procedure depends on the location of the foreign body.

Ignis washing machines are unfamiliar to Russian consumers. These are reliable devices with nothing superfluous. But those who prefer to buy equipment created using the latest technologies may want to pay attention to more progressive brands.

Pros and cons of IGNIS LTE 1055

Easy to use and washes things well

It washes and wrings out well.

Price. Washing quality. Energy class. Easy to manage. Required number of work programs.

Firstly the price. As it turned out, the quality is quite good.

An excellent machine for the money, a no-frills workhorse

Simple. Beautiful design. Class A for washing quality and A++ for energy efficiency.

Simple, no bells and whistles, which is what was needed. I chose it based on this principle, because in life I still don’t use many programs. It turned out that the machine is very quiet, spins and the noise level is much lower than expected. Well, apparently the imbalance control is doing its job, the machine does not shake so much during the spin cycle (the old Kandy made noise and twitched much more) Low energy consumption 0.93 kWh/wash cycle

Fully complies with all declared characteristics.

price/quality ratio, when installed correctly, it is not noisy, does not jump, the washing results are normal.....

– it really stands up like a glove when washing and spinning, without trying to jump around the bathroom. – the drum is very streamlined, there is nothing to cut yourself on, nowhere to tear the laundry (I was most afraid of this). In this regard, I don’t consider the lack of parking as a disadvantage, and you can tweak it with your hands. – it spins perfectly even at 500 rpm (at 1000 the laundry is generally almost dry, but at 1000 it whistles and the door to the bathroom shakes suspiciously =))) My previous one at 600 did not spin like that. The noise level is (subjectively) average. At 500 with the door closed it's generally good. – washes socks better, oddly enough. I used to think that it only depended on the powder. Not perfect, but very good. Or maybe I'm messing with the powder =) And I also wash it in very hard water. – it’s not true that he refuses to perform a separate spin program or wash clothes

There are no bells and whistles, such as: the jeans washing program does not show the remaining washing time, etc., but I don’t need these programs!

If the voltage in the network is low, it glitches and does not erase. Cured by buying a voltage stabilizer!

No half load. Washing duration. Noisy during spin cycle. No car parking.

not yet identified

No delayed start or auto parking

No wheels, no screws for leveling on the far legs. Only two spin modes: 1000 and 500 for wool.

On the machine itself, on the lid, the load is indicated as 5.5 kg, but in the specifications it says 5 kg. An obvious drawback of the machine was discovered, at least for me. The machine performs the spin based on its electronic brains, that is, if it recognizes an imbalance, it will not spin. If you need to wash one thing, then the spin most likely will not do, you need to put in several things, so that the machine scatters them over the drum and there is no imbalance during the spin cycle. As explained by this, it protects itself from damage. This is intelligent control. This applies to both washing and intensive spinning modes.

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